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“The O.R.S.O.N. System is a brilliant approach to public speaking from the most outstanding presentation coach I have ever worked with. Peter Danish provides no-nonsense and actionable advice, for anyone and everyone, on how to effectively deliver a speech in order to win over an audience. The O.R.S.O.N. System is simple to use, yet it delivers powerful results!”

 - Joe Peyronnin, President Fox News, Vice President CBS News 

"Taking the stage after working with Peter is not just effective, but fun! With gentle humor, firm resolve, and genuine skill, he coaches you to a level of confidence that lets you know, even as you are connecting with your audience, that your message is getting across, and that the sale -- be it of an idea, product, or service -- is about to happen.”"

 -  Carmen M. DiRienzo, Founding CEO, V- ME Media, Inc. and President, DiRienzo Consulting

“Whether you are interested in his advice as a Media Coach or Speechwriter, Peter's astonishing knowledge in these areas; his training techniques; and top-notch professionalism, will undoubtedly help take your presentation skills to a whole new level.”

 -  Suresh Bala, President and CEO of Asia TV, ZEE TV

"Most people are in the business of selling one product or another. Peter is in the business of selling ideas – and he can help you sell ideas. In his book, he mixes his creative background with his extensive business experience to offer a practical approach to business communication. Use O.R.S.O.N. to clarify your thoughts, simplify your life and get your ideas across!"

 -  Robert Brown, President, CEO Credos Communications Associates

"Peter takes the theories taught in a business communication course and boils them down to practical principles that will have you making more effective and efficient presentations after just one reading.”

 -  Dr. Jay Sholes, PhD. Pace University

"A good presentation is a theater piece that will take an audience on a rewarding journey. Peter Danish's simple rules are an excellent framework on which to craft your message."

 - Brian Maffitt, CEO., Total Training and frequent keynote speaker

“Peter cuts to the chase and executes improvement more efficiently than anyone with whom I’ve worked. If you’re interested in improving your presentation and communication skills quickly and in a sustainable fashion, talk to him right away.”

 -  Richard Taub, Chief Financial Officer Vme-TV Networks

“Peter Danish is a jack of all trades and a master of most. He is one of the most creative individuals I have ever encountered. Whenever I have a large scale presentation to give, he is always the first person I call.”

 -  Stephen J. Levin, EVP Sales Telemundo Network

"As a professional musician, I've spent almost half my life on stage and I really thought I knew all there was to know about engaging an audience. Now, as a business owner, I've found it’s a whole different ballgame. Peter has helped bring my presentation skills to a new level with his easy to use practical O.R.S.O.N. system.”

 -  Joe D'Urso, Partner CBGB’s, Owner Caravan Management

"Have a speech coming up? Giving a major presentation? Need to get your sales team pumped? Call Peter. He's a pro at crafting the best copy, appropriate messaging, or a motivating rally cry. And he'll assist every step of the way. From initial ideation to presentation development to delivery coaching. You'll be glad he's part of your team."

 -  Carla Trum Mercado, Partner MGSCOMM Advertising

"Whether you're a scarecrow looking for courage, a lion longing for heart, a tin man praying for a brain, or a Dorothy hoping to bring a message home, when it comes to presentation skills, Peter Danish is the wonderful wizard with all the answers. His talents are nothing less than magic."

 -  Court Stroud, EVP Sales, Azteca America TV

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