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Sales & Marketing Solutions

It's all about the right fit.  Danish Media specializes in traditional and non-traditional sales, marketing and communications through the creation and implementation of compelling brand initiatives.  We work with budgets of all shapes and sizes to help you, your client or your agency deliver exactly what you creatively want and what you logistically need.  Our goal is to always target the right segment with the right message.


SALES:  Print · Publication · Broadcast · Out-Door · Internet ·  Digital · In-game advertising · SMS Messaging · Event marketing

MARKETING/COMMUNICATIONS:  Corporate Communications - Media Relations · Crisis Communications - Community engagement - Employee Engagement

In developing all its strategic marketing plans, DMG observes a simple but universal business philosophy:


1. Develop a deep understanding of your core consumer

2. Study and assess your competition

3. Define your objectives

4. Model options and allocate resources

5. Set your course with confidence


In this era of declining budgets and increased demand for immediate ROI, it's vital to provide the right mix of services for each client's particular needs.  As new technology and new delivery systems replace old ones almost daily, it's more critical than ever to listen, to take the time to understand and to conceptualize a comprehensive strategy.   Not just the latest or the hottest or the most  cutting-edge ... the RIGHT strategy. DMG works together with clients to develop integrated marketing strategies designed to reach target marketing objectives and allow an organization to concentrate its limited resources on the greatest opportunities to increase sales and ultimately achieve a sustainable competitive advantage.

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